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About Us

Established in 2005, Quick-Step Instant Staircases services the whole of South Africa, with regular installations in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg and surrounds, and is renowned for unique, unsurpassed precast staircase designs, combined with an unparalleled one-day professional staircase installation process.

One-day, low cost professional installation of pre-cast precision concrete steps, staircases and walkways

Suitable for all staircase layouts

Expert advice and professional service excellence

Only available precision precast system

SABS approved specifications

Quality, uniform system

Elimination of formwork

Adjustable treads and risers to precise measurements

No plastering, topping or screed required

Immediate Access

Cost savings on time, labour and material

Immediate opportunity for conventional finishes


Provision for either top- or side-mounted balustrades

As a leading staircase manufacturer and supplier, Quick-Step is the only company directly involved in the design concept, manufacture and installation mastery of any access or feature staircase, floating shelves and related products, offering professional advice and service excellence to Architects, Engineers, Builders and clients. We concentrate on the elimination of floor space waste, whilst creating unique everlasting innovative staircase designs to bridge vertical distances within highly reduced time frames.


The method of manufacture, using concrete and high tensile steel reinforcement, complying with SABS approved specifications, ensures that with Quick-Step, time, labour and building costs are drastically reduced, resulting in the most cost-effective method of step, stairway and walkway installation to date – an added attraction to any prospective builder or property developer.


Although conventional staircase layouts form part our ever expanding product range, we specialize in precast concrete Feature, Designer, Cantilever, Floating and ZigZag Profile Staircases. During manufacture, the choice of high illumination, low power usage LED lighting channel inserts, stainless steel tread nosing inserts and/or chamfered tread nosing, remain popular options to enhance the visual effect of any staircase design.


Due to the heightened popularity and demand for our Cantilever and Floating Staircase range, Quick-Step also

offers the custom design, manufacture and installation of matching precast Cantilever and Floating Shelves.


Finishes may include Sandblasting, Polished Concrete, our versatile Concrete Screed for an off-shutter concrete look, Stainless Steel Bullnosing inserts or integrated Coloured Glass Chips to create an extraordinary impression on any staircase, shelf or floating slab.