Precast concrete staircases provide an unobstructed, early, secure and instant work platform during construction. This solid footing helps speed up construction and provides a safer working environment by allowing immediate access to be gained.

With a quick installation time frame, the installation of precast concrete staircases will save both time and cost with the elimination of site shuttering and scaffolding, resulting in reduced construction site costs and often saving weeks on the construction schedule.

As precast concrete needs no additional curing on site and does not require protection from weather conditions, the installation process is quick, neat, clean and dry.

With the intrinsic properties of thermal inertia, precast concrete staircases allow a more constant temperature both in cold and hot regions, as well as acoustic insulation. The density of the material ensures effective sound reduction, making this an ideal choice for commercial and residential use.

Because of the versatility of the precast concrete staircases concept, pre-installed value-added components such as utility services and fixtures, whether these are communications-, plumbing- or lighting fittings, can be easily cast within each component, simplifying maintenance of these services.

The shape of a precast staircase is called its profile. This is an area in which precast concrete excels because of the flexibility and accuracy in the production process. With a quality controlled manufacturing environment, repetition of individual components can be achieved with confidence. The manufacture of precast concrete staircases, with or without landing units or value-added components, allows for individual requirements to be easily met.

Made of natural, locally freely available raw materials (stones, gravels, sand, cement), precast concrete minimises the whole life cycle impact on the environment when compared with other construction materials. Being stable throughout its life, precast concrete is a totally inert substance and will not emit any gases, toxic compounds or volatile organic compounds.

Precast concrete staircases are durable, sustainable and perfect for the focus on preserving resources and protecting the environment through sustainable building practices.